Cape May, NJ, Rhythm of the Sea

Cover article in the 1997-1998 Mid-Atlantic Magazine Unique Lodgings Guide.

Featured in the Atlantic City Press in 1994 and again in December, 1996, when they did a story about Inn's tea time holiday baking.

Noted in The Washingtonian (May, 1997) as a special, water-front escape destination.

Praised by Ralph Collier, dining critic on WFLN Radio, Philadelphia.

Wolfgang and Robyn were feted by the Travel writer of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dear Wolfgang, Robyn and Ann,
Having enjoyed reading the journal in Room 2 last night, it is quite impossible to say anything about Rhythm of the Sea that is not cliché, as all superlatives were well represented and repeated with each visit there recorded since the little book started in 2000! A lovely and novel touch to place that book in each room. After reading it, I ultimately didn't write an entry as I couldn't think of anything novel to add.

So here I end up doing the same anyway. As a single person who typically embarks on mini 2-night vacation adventures at B&B's close to home--Cape May 3 times, New Hope over Xmas 2002, Lancaster, Eagle's Mere PA, Argyle, NY and elsewhere, I feel like a veteran now. I've had very good experiences each time--nice sleeping and common rooms, good food, etc. What I particularly liked about your place was how gregarious and easy-to-be-with you were. It hasn't been the norm to so comfortably "schmooze" with the innkeeper while breakfast was on the stove, Wolfgang, or to reach Ann on your cell phone when I was worried about my reservation confirmation, etc. Your customer service and cozy interactions with the guests was very special. It may be that you're so good at it that it's just a reflex, but keep it up. It matters a lot. And what a treat to be there at the same time to visit with Connie and Ray--such good ambassadors for you. They were absolutely charming and interesting. I hope to become the same via repeat visits.

Well, enough chatter from this guest.

Danke viel mals, und auf wiedersehen bis spater,