Anguilla, AN, Lloyds Bed and Breakfast

Frequent visitor Rita Dispensa explains why she keeps coming back to Lloyd's Bed & Breakfast, several times a year:

"I have been coming to Lloyd's for 11 years. I first heard about the place because as a woman I needed a 'safe' place to stay...One of the best things is that it's like being in an Agatha Christie novel - you never know who you will meet in the lounge or at the breakfast table. No matter what time of year that you come there, all kinds of interesting people come through the doors... And maybe one of the biggest items, at least for me, is that you get your privacy - you can leave your items in your room and not worry. The workers, Merline and Hosepha are always polite, helpful and just plain fun.

As you can probably tell, I am a fan and consider everyone there friends."


George Scott of California

"I have been coming to Lloyd's Bed & Breakfast every year for at least one
month since 1987. I now spend four months a year at Lloyd's and have been
doing so for about 10 years. I love the homey and friendly atmosphere which
is not at all "hotel-like". It is totally relaxing and stress-free. The
other guests are congenial and surprisingly cosmopolitan. The number of
repeats is high.

I am an avid snokeller and the snorkelling from Crocus Bay to Little Bay is
the best I've found anywhere else I've been."