Dixon, MO, Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

Rural Missouri Magazine April 2001

A Place To Relax-Guests arrive at Rock Eddy Bluff frazzled but leave refreshed.

By Jim McCarty

Tom and Kathy Corey have seen it happen time after time. Guests arrive at their Rock Eddy Bluff retreat exhausted, nerves frazzled, and tempers on edge from the stress of this high-tech age. A few days later they leave different people, soothed by relaxing in their cottages near Dixon. "It's almost a universal thing," says Tom. "They just want away from it. They are completely different people when they leave, more relaxed, more personable." Adds Kathy, "They find time to reinvent their relationships. The best part of doing this is seeing how they open up."

Tom and Kathy know the feeling. When they moved to this patch of timber they were feeling a lot like some of their guests.

"We were in the middle of our mid-life crisis," Tom recalls. "We didn't have a plan but we had faith we wouldn't starve to death."

Tom grew up on the land they call Rock Eddy Bluff. Kathy was from nearby Vienna, so the move back to the area was a homecoming of sorts for both of them. Inspecting the land one day, Kathy paused on a rocky bluff and took in a view that included the Gasconade River and parts of three counties. Then she asked Tom to build her a house there. The Coreys never set out to build the therapeutic retreat that Rock Eddy Bluff has become. Their inspiration came from a visit to something similar in north Missouri when they too felt the need to get away from life's distractions.

Rock Eddy Bluff earns a lot of repeat business because the Coreys try to make every experience a good one. "We are not just someone taking their money but we are interested in them having a good time," Kathy says. "We know the places to hike, fish and that sort of thing. It's a whole lot more personal experience."

All of the guest houses have fire rings so that guests can sit outside and enjoy the evening no matter what the temperature. Of all the attractions that Rock Eddy Bluff offers, relaxation and reflection seem to be the most popular.

As one guest commented, "Living like this teaches us how much we have in life that is just fluff."