Terre Hill, PA, Artist's Inn and Gallery

Published on a local internet site for Lancaster County, PA.

Written by Jim Pierce of Love and Hope Creators

Inns That We Personally Recommend

As you visit our Lancaster County Directory, you will notice that we recommend Businesses, Restaurants, and Bed & Breakfast Inns throughout the Lancaster County area. Though many receive a listing upon our site, few get our total recommendation and among them, there has to be one that we feel is at the top of the list ... this year, it is The Artist's Inn and Gallery in Terre Hill, Pennsylvania.

Our visit to the inn was on a blossoming spring day in May, though we are sure that any season will provide its own delicious experience. Touring the inn was a lot like visiting a gallery of comedic & whimsical art mixed in a Victorian setting. The innmasters - Jan & Bruce Garrabrandt - have created an inn meriting an award of distinction. Jan creates delicious meals and maintains an exceptionally clean and inviting decor. Maintaining a feel of family throughout with family photos and great little nooks for private reflection along with group gathering places. The Living Room is very inviting, with a feeling of strength in family ties theme and a Victorian Parlor decor. To really appreciate it, please take some time to just sit and absorb it all.