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Virginia Bed and Breakfast Special Getaway Packages

Murder Mysteries Offered Year Round

Harmony Hill Bed and Breakfast
Virginia Bed and Breakfast
Arrington, Virginia


Murder Mystery Package includes:

 a. Minimum of Three couples required, maximum of 5 couples
 b. Two nights (Friday and Saturday) lodging, room with private bath
 c. Full candlelight country breakfast each morning
 d. Saturday enjoy a self guided tour of antique shops, local wineries, or natures'
 e. Saturday dinner at Harmony Hill
 f. Prior to dinner, hors d'oeuvres and wine
 g. Murder mystery Game. (Prizes will be awarded)

Total package $870.00 (three couples) additional couples $290 each. extra
night stay (max. two nights) $75 per night

The murder mysteries are usually set for three couples those (3/4) means the
mystery is three or four couples, (5) means 5 couples are required.

The Murder Mysteries we have available are:

(3/4) Lethal Luau: It's sunset on the beach and friends of private eye,
Chase Diamond, have gathered at a luau to celebrate his birthday. The
impromptu party quickly turns into a woeful wake when Chase is poisoned by
one of his guests. Was it friend or foe who fatally freshened his favorite
cocktail? It's up to you to find out!

(3/4) Murder on the Grill: Hey guys and dolls, it's a cookout with a twist
as you go back in time to 1959 for this mystery. Rock 'n' roll, hula hoops,
poodle skirts, hot rods and black leather jackets set the scene. You and
your guests will find yourselves at the Kansas City home of Tom Dooley for a
sizzling backyard cookout and some fabulous party fun. Too bad poor Tom gets
iced over his hot grill and you may be a suspect. How low will you go?

(3) Bullets 'n' Barbecue: It's the Old West. A town called Drygulch. The
morning stillness is broken by the crackle of gunfire. Moments later the
town folk find Sheriff Take Noble face down in the dust. Shot in the back.
Who would do such a thing? Plenty of people. Maybe even you. Later that day
you and the other suspects belly up to the bar at the Paradise Saloon to
solve the crime.

(3/4) Pasta, Passion and Pistols: The succulent aromas of home cooked pasta
is drifting from New York City's most popular Italian eatery, La Speranza,
but something else is heating up the kitchen....cold blooded murder?
Restauranteur Pepi Roni, has been shot in the back with his own pistol.
Tonight his family and friends will gather to pay their respects to poor
Pepi, but one of the guests won't be shedding any tears. Will the murderer
be you?

(3) A Cajun Killing: It's a moonlit night in 1905. The riverboat Magnolia
Queen in wending its way upriver. Cotton magnate, Benton Thorne IV has just
been found stabbed to death in his first class cabin. His vacation. and his
life. cut short. But why? By whom? Using information in their Character
Booklets, your guests will play their parts with panache. The "grieving
widow". The iron willed skipper. The dashing rouge. The showgirl with more
pizzazz than clothing. The mysterious stowaway. What evil lurks behind their
"innocent" guises?

(5) Aftermath of a Murder: The mayor of a small western city is murdered,
and the suspects are many. Will you be the one to discover the murderer? The
usual cast of crooked politicians, jealous rivals and political enemies make
this an interesting search.

Choose the theme you prefer. Food and drink, as well as decorations will be
matched to the theme. When you have selected your mystery, I will send you
invitations for distribution to your guests. Each contains a description of
the character he/she is to play. If you like, you may wear costumes to
enhance your role. It can be elaborate or something as simple as a hat, or a
prop. I have 4 hula skirts and enough leis for everyone for the Luau, as
well as a feather boa that will work in the Cajun game. Costumes really add
to the fun.

Any of the mysteries can be used at any time of year indoors. However, the
Luau and Grill mysteries work better out of doors, so if you choose one of
them, the summer months will work best.

Note from the innkeepers Joanne & Bob Cuoghi:

Our most recent one was the Pasta, Passion and Pistols with 10 ladies. It
was a riot, when they came out of their rooms in costume we could not
recognize them. Their accents and portrayals of the characters were
outstanding. They had a ball and were talking about the mystery for the rest
of the weekend. Wish we had some pictures to send. With just the two of us,
one cooking and serving, the other seeing that everything runs smoothly and
all challengers asked, we just don't have time to take pictures. We can not
wait for the upcoming mystery in December.


Harmony Hill Bed and Breakfast
Virginia Bed and Breakfast
Arrington, Virginia

A Murder Mystery Weekend in Arrington, Virginia

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